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Facebook Live Notes: How I Lost 150 Pounds – 9 Tips that Actually Worked


Tip #1: Change Your Food Environment

When starting any weight loss program it is critical that you change your environment as much as possible to support your goals and intentions. Check out Five Secrets to a Successful Bright Line Eating® Kitchen for further ideas.

Tip #2: Don’t Focus on Exercise

Exercise has minimal effect on weight loss in the long run compared with what you are eating.  Spend your energy focusing on learning and sticking with your meal plan rather than getting yourself motivated enouch to get to the gym.  You are more likely to lose the weight and you’ll be able to exercise much more easily once you are in a right size body.  See Stop Exercising to Lose Weight.

Tip #3: Prepare Meals Ahead

With our willpower so weak and our brain and body fighting our efforts at weight loss, it is critical that we set ourselves up for success.  One of the best ways to do so is by planning and preparing our meals ahead of time as much as possible.  See Bright Line Eating® Meal Planning.

Tip #4: Be Prepared to Manage Hunger

It is unrealistic for most of us to expect that we will not be hungry when we start losing weight.  Hunger and cravings ruin 98 percent of all weight loss attempts so you need to be ready.  See 11 Bright Line Eating® Hunger Hacks that Actually Work

Tip #5: Engage System One

Our only hope of permanent weight loss success is to establish healthy habits that we can follow with minimal effort.  Choose a weight loss program that helps you establish healthy habits as quickly as possible.  See The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss is Just 3 Inches.

Tip #6: Minimize Your Expense

Any weight loss program that requires a lot of ongoing expense is less likely to work in the long run.  Avoid anything that requires supplements, shakes, or prepackaged foods to lose or maintain a healthy weight.  See Bright Line Eating® on a Shoestring Budget.

Tip #7: Find Out if You’re a Food Addict

Some of us struggle with addictive type behavior around food.  If you’re one of those type of people like I am, you may have a very hard time acheiving permanent success with most of the traditional weight loss programs.  Take the Bright Line Eating® Food Freedom Quiz and see how your brain is wired to respond to food.

Tip #8: Build a Proper Support Network

Weight loss efforts greatly benefit from social support.  Make sure you have the right support in place when you start your weight loss program.  Focus on the quality rather than the quantity of support.  See The Importance of Bright Line Eating® Support.

Tip #9: Visualize Your Success

Start with the end in mind.  It can be very helpful to spend time setting goals and visualizing what success looks like for you and why it is important.  In my case I used a unique YouTube video project to help me visualize the future, thinner me.  For other ideas see 4 Fun Ideas for Using the Paper Clip Strategy to Keep Your Lines Bright.

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