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What’s Your Why?

As I have shared my Bright Line Eating journey with you, at various times I have shared some of the things that motivated me to make such a significant change to become healthy.  One of those primary motivators were my children, and even more specifically, the fact that my wife, Jenn, and I had unexpectedly adopted two babies.  One day after realizing that the ‘simple’ act of getting down on the floor to change a diaper sapped my energy, I began to think about the reality that I might not be alive to see the milestones in any of my kids lives, but certainly not these new babies.

This week I spent my blogging hours helping Jenn get her blog up and running.  On her blog,, she shares that one of the things that forced her to a point of making changes to how we function and manage our home was the unexpected adoption and how she found herself in the depths of overwhelm.

When either of us share about the unexpected adoption, the ‘unexpected’ part confuses people and prompts more questions.  They usually conclude that we just meant our placement happened quickly, when what we mean is, we had no clue we were on the path to adopt.  Jenn has started to write the story out so that when our kids are older they will be able to hear about this amazing journey that they were simply too young to remember.  And she has blogged about it, too.

So this week I am not only proud to introduce you to my wife’s new blog, I’m excited to share with you the story of our unexpected adoption.

The link to read about our unexpected adoption is below:

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