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Looking for some healthy Mother’s Day gift ideas this year that will make it easier and more enjoyable to keep your bright lines?  Well, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, I created a list of fun and healthy gift ideas for the Bright Line Eating® Mom.

Many of the items on this list are things we personally use and love.  While some are recommendations or wished for items from other Bright Line Eating® moms or healthy eaters.

If you’re a mom, feel free to share the link with your spouse or kids so that they know exactly what to get you this year.  (Remember, even though we are well aware of our food and weight challenges, weight is a sensitive issue and so our family may struggle with giving us a weight loss related or a healthy Mother’s Day gift for fear of being insensitive.)

For the Tea Drinking Mom

Electric Tea Kettle

Anything that makes it easier for Mom to drink more tea definitely qualifies as a healthy Mother’s Day gift.

If your Mom is still heating water on the stove top, give her the give of an electric tea kettle.  Popular in Europe for years, an electric tea kettle boils water in half the time.  We love ours (pictured) and we even use it to boil an occasional egg.

Iced Tea Tumbler

Iced tea is a flavorful alternative to plain water, but it can be time consuming and involved to prepare.

Fortunately, the Primula Press & Go Iced Tea Tumbler makes it a breeze to make.  It has two chambers.  You brew your tea (bagged or loose leaf) in the large chamber and then insert the slightly smaller chamber filled with ice.  You can go from hot tea to iced tea in just minutes using only your tea kettle and tumbler.  No fuss no muss.

Loose Leaf Tea Infusing Basket

If your Mom is a tea lover, why not help her upgrade her tea experience by getting her some loose leaf tea?

Quality loose leaf tea can be some of the best tasting tea you’ll ever have.  It is certainly more expensive that your typical bagged tea, but it can be a real treat on the days you deserve a little extra.  Of course, you’ll need a way to brew it.  Fortunately, all you need to make a delicious cup of tea is to use a infusing basket.  This is the probably the most inexpesive ways to start trying loose leaf tea.

For the Coffee Loving Mom

Vacuum Sealed Coffee Tumbler

Here are several healthy Mother’s Day gift ideas for the coffee loving Mom.  The first is a vacuum sealed coffee tumbler.

My wife has always been a “Coffee-grazer” and her chief complaint with most travel mugs was how fast her coffee went cold.  So one of her gifts last Mother’s Day was this vacuum sealed coffee tumbler.  Now her coffee stays hot and enjoyable for hours on end and she rarely walks out the door without her tumbler in hand.  (In fact, she loved it so much that we bought a second one for me.)

Dispensing Coffee Maker

If Mom loves coffee, Mom will love this coffee maker.  It has all the regular features like delay start, but what makes this so different is that it keeps the coffee warm for up to 4-hours, but because it is not brewed into a carafe, but rather dispenses into a cup, the coffee is not exposed to air and doesn’t become thick and bitter during those 4-hours.  Combine this with the tumbler above and Mom is set with her coffee all day!

Coffee Grinder

Freshly ground coffee is delicious.  Unfortunately, most coffee grinders only grind a little at a time and there’s a lot of extra work and clean-up involved.

Enter the KRUPS Coffee Grinder with Scale.  This best-selling grinder can store an entire bag of whole beans and grind them on demand.  This means Mom’s coffee is the absolute freshest grind possible and she doesn’t have to pull out and put away the grinder and beans every morning.

For the Techie Mom

Amazon Echo Dot

My wife loves our Echo Dot so much that we now have them on all floors of our house.  It’s an easier timer, reminder system, background music, and her favorite feature of all — intercom.  If your Mom has an Audible account she can also listen to her books and podcasts in the kitchen while she preps her Bright Line Eating® meal.

A Fitness Tracker

Another healthy Mother’s Day gift that is quite popular is a personal fitness tracker.  For anyone on the maintenance plan who’s ready to start adding exercise to their repertoire, a fitness tracker can be a fun and motivating. 

A fitness tracker is a great way to see just how those daily choices are moving Mom along toward her fitness goals.  There are a variety of options on the market, but most of us do need all of the bells and whistles on the higher end models.  So start simple and just focus on a model that helps you get up and start moving. 

Amazon Echo Show

If your Mom likes the latest and greatest gadgets, she’ll love the Echo Show.  Just set this on the kitchen counter and she can be entertained while she chops those veggies.

Not only can she turn on her favorite music or podcasts (hands-free), but she can also watch videos.  She can watch recipe videos or event the most recent Bright Line Eating® vlog episode straight from YouTube.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

For Faster and Easier Salad Prep

Mason Jar Protectors

Mason jar salads are a great way to prep your food ahead of time (See That DIY Couple’s video Mason Jar Salads – Meal Prep for 7 Days).  But if you ever take your Mason jar salad to work, you have to be extra careful with the all glass container. Fortunately, these JarJackets simple slip covers make these versatile glass jars easier to grasp and safer to pack in a lunch bag.  The variety of colors can make it easier to know what is packed in which jar or whose food is in each jar.

Mason Jar Divider Cup

Besides the fragile glass container, the other drawback of a Mason jar salad can be soggy lettuce.  This clever Divider Cup solves that problem.  You can store your salad dressing and/or tomatoes in the divider so they don’t ruin your lettuce before you’re ready to eat.  Or if you do nuts in your salad, this is a great option for keeping them dry until chow time.

Toss and Chop Salad Tongs

Salads are one of the healthiest staples of a diet, but sometimes prepping salads can be a hassle.  These Trudeau Toss and Chop Salad Tongs make the preparation faster and simpler by eliminating some of the mess — just cut right into your bowl or storage container!

This healthy Mother’s Day gift is great for Moms new to Bright Line Eating® because having your lettuce and veggies chopped can make it much easier to eat a big salad.

Extra Cutting Boards

One of the things we quickly learned after starting Bright Line Eating® was that you couldn’t have too many cutting boards.  We now keep a variety of sizes of cutting boards on hand.  We also label each cutting board as either “Ready to Eat” or “Need to Cook.”  This helps prevent your raw veggies coming into contact with raw meat juices.  This also allows two or more of us to chop salad toppings at the same time which makes dinner prep faster and easier.

Salad Spinner

This healthy Mother’s day gift idea will definitely save Mom lots of time in the kitchen.  One of the biggest deterrents to eating salad is washing all of the lettuce.  You could buy some of the prewashed bags of lettuce/salad, but that can get expensive.  Instead, invest in a good salad spinner for Mom.  This will allow Mom to wash and dry lettuce quickly and easily just before eating.

Salad Saver

It can be very discouraging to throw away food that went bad simply because you couldn’t eat it fast enough.  These Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Savers are designed to extend the life of produce.  We have noticed that if we buy the big tub of lettuce, it’s still good even 2-weeks later.  This is a healthy Mother’s Day gift that can also help save money.  (And they come in a variety of sizes.)

Premium Chef’s Knife

When we were engaged and registering for wedding gifts, my wife wanted to register for a generic set of knives that came in a wood block.  It wasn’t long before those knives dulled and we discovered that quality knives make a HUGE difference when prepping food.  So many years ago we invested in a Shun Japanese Santoku knife.  It makes chopping fruits and veggies so much easier.  And now it’s a race to see who can get to the Shun first.

For the Mom Who Needs Some Self-Care

Personalized Candle

Encourage Mom to take some time for some important self-care.  Get her a personalized scented candle with her name or an encouraging message.

Essential Oil Diffusor

Essential oils can be very healthy.  My wife is not an “oily” person, but she does love her essential oil diffusor.  She has a variety of oils to diffuse and they different smells can help set a mood or tone to match what she’s doing or working on.  And if you need an inexpensive source for quality oils, check out Eden’s Garden.

For the Mom Who Loves Fun Ways to Cook

Air Fryer

We have not yet jumped into the world of air fryers, but this may be most requested healthy Mother’s Day gift of the year.  These things are selling like, well Not My Food.

The big perk for the Bright Line Eating® Mom is that you can “fry” your potatoes or veggies without oil.   This is great for meals where your meal plan doesn’t allow a fat or when you want to use your fat serving for something else.

Instant Pot

My wife loves her Instant Pot so much she purchased a second one.  Her favorite thing to do is to prep a meal in the morning and set it to delay start.  She no longer has the 4:00 pm stress and anxiety of what to make for dinner because it’s already making itself.  

We often have both Instant Pots going for dinner with meat in one and veggies in the other. (Corn on the cob is amazing in the Instant Pot).  I also use the delay start and wake up to fresh oatmeal every morning.  

Sous Vide Cooker

Second only to our Instant Pot, our ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide cooker is one of our favorite cooking appliances.  Sous vide cooking is different for sure, so your Mom may need you to pamper her with a delicious sous vide meal so that she can experience how delicious the food the food can be.

For a more information on sous vide cooking and why it is such a great fit with Bright Line Eating, see My Bright Line Eating® Secret Weapon #1: Sous Vide Cooking.

For the Experienced Bright Line Eating® Mom

New Spices

The right spice can make the difference between tolerating a meal and really enjoying it.  But with Bright Line Eating®, you may find that your Mom is going through the spices at a much faster pace than before.  So a healthy Mother’s Day gift idea may be a new spice rack.  This Kamenstein 16-Jar Spick Rack Tower not only comes with fresh spices included, but it also comes with FREE spice refills for five years.

The Olive Tap

For the more experience Bright Line Eating® Mom, it may also be time to upgrade her olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Premium olive oils and vinegars are a great healthy Mother’s Day gift idea that any salad eater will enjoy.  My favorite source for the really good stuff is The Olive Tap.  Although they only have storefronts in a few states, you can order online from anywhere.  My absolute favorite is their Strawberry White Balsamic Vinegar.

Premium Food Scale

One of the most important pieces of equipment for any Bright Line Eating® Mom is her food scale.  If she has been at it for a while, she may benefit from upgrading to a premium scale.  I have reviewed a number of food scales (see How to Choose the Right Bright Line Eating® Food Scale), but my favorite is the latest OXO Good Grips 11 Pound Food Scale with Pull-Out Display.  It has all the feature you want and need in a food scale and it makes meal prep so much easier.

For the Mom who Loves to Read

The Next Right Thing

This new release from podcaster Emily P Freeman is one of my wife’s favorite books, so chances are good your Mom will love it, too.  The Next Right Thing is inspired by a podcast of the same name and fosters the practice and skill of decision making.  I have seen how it has helped my wife become more confident in her decisions by practicing deciding the next thing as she moves toward a bigger goal or decision.  Being a better decision maker is definitely good for your Moms’ health.

Amazon Kindle

Books are always a favorite, but you can’t take them all with you all the time.  With an Amazon Kindle, Mom can have an entire library with her all the time.  And if you include a gift membership to Kindle Unlimited, she can read as many books as she wants.  

Audible Gift Subscription

And if your Mom is more of an audio book fan like me, you can get her a 3, 6 or 12 month Audible Gift Subscription.  Each month she can choose an audio book to add to her library which is hers to keep even after her subscription has ended.  This is how I bought the audio version of the Bright Line Eating® book.

And when you wrap or send your gift, don’t forget the card.  A simple sentence or two is all it takes to give mom what she really wants – to know how much she is loved.

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