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One of the things that sets Bright Line Eating® apart from so many other weight loss programs is that it can be done on a shoestring budget.  In fact, we have found this lifestyle to be a less expensive way to feed the family than what we were doing before.  That is largely because there are no supplements, shakes or prepackaged foods you need to buy.  Instead, we buy real food at the grocery store where we can shop what is on sale and use other money saving strategies.

The costs to start are your biggest expense.  There are a few pieces of equipment to purchase and there are a variety of methods you can use to learn how to implement and follow the program.  However, there are options to fit every budget and with the right tips even the tightest of budgets can successfully move forward with Bright Line Eating®.

So check out these seven tips that can help you do Bright Line Eating® on a shoestring budget:



Tip #1: Get a Free Copy of the Book

One of the most valuable resources on your Bright Line Eating® journey will be your own copy of the life changing book, Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin & Free®.  And in my experience, even if you had to pay the full list price for the book at an airport bookstore it would be worth every penny.  But if you’re new to Bright Line Eating®, I get that you don’t want to start investing into a weight loss journey until you’re confident it is a good fit for you.  I was the same way.  Fortunately, you have some other options that can save you money.


Now if you’re an avid reader who can devour a nonfiction book in no time, then you’re in luck (and you’re a better person than me).  Request a copy of the book from your local library.  You may get put on a waiting list or need to request the book through interlibrary loan, but you should eventually be turning those precious pages without spending a dime.


Your other option is to get a free copy of the audiobook right now by signing up for a free Audible trial (affiliate link).  Audible is Amazon’s digital, audiobook membership program.  When you sign up for a free 30-day trial you get a free audiobook and one of your options is the Bright Line Eating® book.  If you cancel your trial membership before the 30 days, you can keep the book and you’ll end up paying nothing.

I really liked the audiobook because I could listen in my car on the way to and from work each day.  I also liked that the author, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, narrated the book herself.  Now normally I find that most authors are poor audiobook narrators.  However, if they can do a good job, a nonfiction book read by the author can be especially insightful.  And Susan does do an amazing job!


Tip #2: Subscribe to the YouTube Channel

For several years now (predating even the book) Susan has been recording a weekly vlog.  These videos usually run about 10 to 20 minutes in length and are full of great Bright Line Eating® content and encouragement.  There is a treasure-trove of valuable information in these videos and I would encourage you to subscribe to the channel.

Although these videos are not a systematically outlined course, they have the advantage of being timely.  For example, I found Susan’s Your Thanksgiving Plan video to be so helpful.  I took her advice and reminders and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving without breaking my bright lines.


Yours truly also has a YouTube channel to which you can subscribe.  My videos are not as frequent, but they will give you a very practical perspective from someone who has experienced great success with Bright Line Eating®.

Tip #3: Leverage Social Media

Social media can be an amazing tool in your Bright Line Eating® tool chest.  It can be a source of encouragement, support, inspiration, recipes and specific product recommendations.  Start by following the official Bright Line Eating® accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I especially like Instagram because there is a whole community of people who have created accounts to document their Bright Line Eating® journey.  They share their struggles, successes, practical advice and lots and lots of pictures of their food.  I love seeing what other people are doing and eating because it gives me ideas I can use myself.

Some of my favorite Instagrammers to follow for ideas include, my_name_is_sanz, katie.bright.lines and  You can also follow the hashtag #brightlineeating to find other great accounts and posts.  And, please be sure to follow me on Instagram at nolongerchunky.

Tip #4: Take the Food Freedom Quiz

If you’ve not already done so, I would encourage you to take the Food Freedom Quiz.  This completely free quiz from Bright Line Eating® will help you determine how susceptible you are to food addiction on a scale from 1 to 10.  You will then receive a video from Susan Peirce Thompson based on your actual score on the quiz.  This free content will provide you with very valuable information as you explore the world of Bright Line Eating®.

Tip #5: Sign-Up for the 14-Day Challenge

Now, I never did the 14-Day Challenge myself because I went straight to the Boot Camp.  However, the reports I’ve received from those who have are fabulous.  The 14-Day Challenge is perfect for those who are not ready to commit to the full 8-week Boot Camp, but want to have the Bright Line Eating® experience for a couple of weeks at a bargain price.

The 14-Day Challenge will help you get grounded and pointed in the right direction.  This can be a more supportive and helpful way of starting your new lifestyle than just reading the book and starting out on your own.

Tip #6: Go Straight to the Boot Camp

If you know that you need the full support and all of the advantages of the Boot Camp, then skip the 14-Day Challenge.  This is exactly what I did.  I scored a 10 on the Food Freedom Susceptibility Quiz, I was morbidly obese and I had many previous weight loss failures in the past.  So I went straight to the Boot Camp because I knew that I needed all of the help I could get.  This saved me the cost of the 14-Day Challenge.

And by the way, if you are at all considering the Boot Camp, go to my Contact Page and let me know.  I’d be happy to answer any of your questions and I may have a special offer that you’ll find very helpful.

Tip #7: Keep Your Equipment Costs Low

In order to do Bright Line Eating® there are three pieces of equipment you must have.  You need a food journal, a digital food scale and a digital body scale.  You cannot succeed without these.  However, that does not mean you need to spend a fortune.

The food journal is the easiest.  You can grab an old notebook you probably have around the house and that won’t cost you a dime.  If you do want to get something a bit nicer, you can likely find something fun, but fairly inexpensive.  This is actually one area where I don’t skimp on because I use the website/app Plan to Eat for most of my food journaling.  (For more info see my blog post, My Bright Line Eating® Food Journal Confession).

As far as the scales go, the ones often recommended can be fairly expensive.  So when I started Boot Camp I looked for some alternative options that were more affordable.  I ended up purchasing the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Scale with 30% Wider Platform 11lb and the RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App.  Each were quite a bit less than other options.  I use both on a daily basis (unless I’m out of town) and I’ve been pleased with both purchases.


You can easily learn the ropes and ready yourself for the Bright Line Eating® lifestyle with minimal costs.  There are many free resources available to help answer your questions and get you pointed in the right direction.  So take advantage of what is out there and you may soon be on your way to achieving that right size body you may not have seen since high school.

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