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When you think about your weight loss journey who is it that gives you inspiration and encouragement?

The answer for me is easy – my Mom.  She is my Bright Line Eating® inspiration.


My Mom has been a major supporter and encourager of mine throughout my Bright Line Eating® discovery and subsequent weight loss.  She has eagerly listened to my progress reports and has cheered every success.  And whenever she and my Dad were able to visit us, they would eagerly join in with us in this new way of eating.  Even to the point of weighing and measuring their food.

But the best thing my Mom did (and has always done) was to pray for me.  Before I even started losing weight for the final time she was praying for my weight and health.   It is one of the main reasons I consider Bright Line Eating® to be a literal answer to prayer.

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Growing Up

Growing up I was the oldest of three boy.  My Dad was in sales and often traveled during the week so it was frequently my Mom who needed to keep us in line.  And boy did she. I affectionately called her “the warden.”

And because of my Dad’s career, we also moved a number of times.  So we had stretches where we didn’t live near our extended family.  It didn’t matter, though, because the first thing my Mom did after we moved was find a church for our family to attend.  And it was there that we found new friends and connections. It was through my Mom’s example, her prayers, and the relationships I formed in these churches that my own spiritual foundation was set.

In High School my Mom had been on the synchronized swim team and worked as a lifeguard, so we took any opportunity we could to be in or near water.  In the summer, the goal was to get the work done quickly so we could go to the pool or the beach.

And my Mom loves to laugh, and her laugh is contagious.  She would make us laugh as she told stories about things she and her sisters had done growing up, but one of my favorite things was to do or say something that would make her laugh.  Getting my Mom to laugh was the pinnacle of success as a kid.  (I still love to do this.)

Bright Line Eating® Inspiration

But my Mom was more than just a weight loss encourager, she has also been my original Bright Line Eating® inspiration.  You see, my Mom also struggled with her weight most of her adult life.  And like me, she also would describe herself as having a sugar addiction.  All things many people can relate to.

However, my Mom’s story is far from typical.  You see, about ten years ago she lost over 100 pounds!  She became unrecognizable to many people.  I remember her visiting us and going to a church service with us after she lost the weight.  People who had met her many times over the years asked me who she was.  They couldn’t believe it.

This was an amazing accomplishment.  Let me put that into perspective.  The number of people who start where she did and make it down to a healthy weight is about one in 1,200.  But the number of people who lose that much weight and keep it off years later, like my Mom, is closer to one in 10,000!

We were so proud of her accomplishment and happy for her success.  But there was just one little thing about her amazing transformation that I found annoying.  When asked the secret to her success she responded, “I gave up sugar” (record scratch).

Wait, what?  “You mean that you cut back on the sweet stuff?”

“No, I stopped eating sugar at all.” 

Ok.  So she’s lost a lot of weight, but she’s gone mental.  Who in their right mind would stop eating sugar?  Why would you want to live a life without sugar?!

I couldn’t believe it.  I was so proud of my Mom, but I had no interest in giving up sugar. 

The Quietly Loud Testimony

But when someone loses 100 pounds and keeps it off for years, it is hard to argue with success.  So my Mom was a quiet testimony to me for many years.

In the back of my mind part of me knew that if I ever got serious about losing weight I would need to give up sugar.  My pastor would call this the mental equivalent of putting a pebble in someone’s shoe.  I wasn’t ready to take any action, but the message was getting through and it was hard to ignore.

So when I found Bright Line Eating® toward then end of 2017, I was receptive to the message because of my Mom’s quietly loud testimony.  Her success was confirmation of the addictive nature of sugar and my need to give it up.

(You can read the rest of my story here)

Thank You Mom!

So thank you Mom for being my weight loss encourager and my Bright Line Eating® inspiration.  Thank you for your fervent prayer and support during my weight loss journey.  Your one in 10,000 success story is so amazing.  But you being such a wonderful Mom makes you one in a million.  Happy Mother’s Day.  I love you and thank you.


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