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Looking for an amazing Father’s Day gift this year?  One that will encourage healthy living?

Well, with Father’s Day just around the corner I put together a list of ten amazing gift ideas for the Dad who is following or interested in following the Bright Line Eating® lifestyle.

These ten gift ideas are a combination of items I already use and love as well as some items on my Bright Line Eating® Father’s Day wish list for this year.  I hope this list gives you some great ideas for the Father in your life or even for yourself as you embrace the Bright Line Eating® lifestyle.

This is a fun one.  We were given a SodaStream as a gift last Christmas and weren’t sure how much we’d like it.  But after trying it out, we love it.  It now has a permanent spot on our counter top.

It is easy to set up and fun to use.  Just grab the included refillable water bottle, fill it up with water and put it right into the SodaStream.  Then pick your preferred level of carbonation (low, medium or high) and watch the cool jet of bubbles shoot into the water.  Seconds later your regular water is transformed into a bottle of carbonated water ready for flavor.

Now to keep it Bright Line Eating® compliant, just add a bit of fruit or drop of lemon juice to the water (one of our favorites it a couple drops of both lemon and lime juice).  You now have a delicious and refreshing beverage for a fraction of the cost you’d normally spend on the stuff you buy at the grocery store.  Not to mention, this is so much better for the environment.

Once the Father in your life is in the maintenance phase of Bright Line Eating®, it is important to start adding exercise to the mix (but not before – see Stop Exercising to Lose Weight).  To aid in that effort a personal fitness tracker may be a huge encouragement.

The Fitbit Charge 4 is one of the newest models from Fitbit.  It will track the number of steps you take each day and measure your sleep quality.  But unlike the previous model, the Charge 4 comes with a built in GPS.  This will allow the Father in your life to track his pace and distance while he walks or runs.

If the Father in your family is a grilling aficionado, then why not give him the quintessential grilling experience?

And that is exactly what you’ll be doing when you order him the highest in quality beef from Snake River Farms.   This family owned ranch that has been providing premium brand beef for over 50 years.  Unlike most meat producers, Snake River Farms ensures such quality by overseeing the entire process from ranch to table.

And that extraordinary care has paid off big time.  Snake River Farms is USDA Prime grade beef which is the highest USDA grade given to only 3% of beef in the USA.  But even among that elite 3%, Snake River Farms stands out as a favorite of chefs and is featured in a number of Michelin starred restaurants around the world.  

Though not inexpensive, the Father in your life can enjoy some of the finest steak in the world for much less than the dinner bill at one of the country’s prime steakhouses.  

Another great Bright Line Eating® Father’s Day gift is an air fryer.  This is an easy and fun way to roast some veggies and potatoes with little to no oil.  We enjoy making french fries with ours.

This also works well if the oven is in use for other food for the family, but you still want to have some hot veggies with dinner.

And if you already own a 6-Quart Instant Pot, I’d recommend getting the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid.  This is what we have and we love it.  It was also less of an investment than other stand alone air fryers.

The Apple Airpods are definitely near the top of my Father’s Day wish list this year.  Now that I am adding extra walking to my routine, I’m getting tired of messing with the cords that keep getting snagged.

Apple Airpods connect to any Apple device and provide 5 hours of listen time per charge.  And they also have a microphone so you can also make phone calls while you’re out on a walk or grilling dinner.

Make sure the Father in your life is ready for summer outings this year.  Since we have switched to Bright Line Eating® we have found that we need more cooler space.  Where before we only needed to put some drinks and meat in the cooler, we now need lots of extra room for salads and fruit too.

So why not invest in a cooler that can keep food super cold for hours even on the hottest days of the year.  Enter the Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler.

The Yeti Tundra 45 is the ultimate in cooler technology.  It is so incredibly durable that it is apparently certified Bear-Resistant.  And the thick layer of commercial-grade insulation means that the ice in the cooler will stay ice.  No more fishing for your food in a pool of cold water.

So why not give a Father’s Day gift this year that will be loved and eventually even passed down to the next generation?

Does the Father in your family cook?  Well what could be more manly than a sharp knife?

I have had a Shun Santoku knife for many years now and I love it.  We use it every single day.  This well-designed, sharp blade makes preparing salads so easy and enjoyable.

Unlike a more traditional European-style kitchen knife, a Shun knife has a more traditional Japanese pedigree.  It has a thinner blade, sharper edges and is quite light weight for its size.  This gives a precision cut that is amazing when carving beef, chicken or the Thanksgiving turkey.

Does the Father in your family have a sous vide cooker yet?  If not, I’d recommend the Joule Sous Vide.  I’ve had mine for over two years now and we still use it several time a week.

I chose the Joule over other sous vide machines for a number of reasons.  First, it has more watts of power than most other options which means that it heats the water much faster.  Second, it is Bluetooth and WiFi enabled so I can start the machine from anywhere and it will let me know when the water is ready to cook and when my food is done.  And third, the app that comes with the Joule is awesome.  It has tons of recipes and you can scroll through pictures of the meat cooked at different temperatures so you can visually select your preferred level of doneness.

For more info on sous vide cooking and why it works so well with Bright Line Eating®, see the post, My Bright Line Eating® Secret Weapon #1: Sous Vide Cooking.

Another wonderful Bright Line Eating® Father’s Day gift idea is the Blackstone Griddle which is becoming very popular.  If you’ve ever tried cooking vegetables on the grill you know it can be difficult.  You can’t fit too many on and lots of them fall through the grates.  So last year I sold my traditional gas grill and bought a large Blackstone (not this exact model).

I can now cook a ton of veggies very quickly and at a very high temperature.  It is perfect for cooking stir fry and roasting a variety of veggies.

But don’t worry.  It also does meat!  Just about anything you can cook on a regular grill you can also cook on a Blackstone.  Smash burgers (with no bun of course) is one of our favorites.  We also love steak, sausage, fried eggs and chicken.  For an absolutely amazing meal, cook a thick steak in the sous vide and then sear it on the Blackstone.

Does the Father in your family want to be the best chef on the block?  Then give him the gift of MasterClass.  Of course, not all of the recipes will be Bright Line Eating® compliant, but the vast majority of the techniques and skills will certainly be.

A one-year membership to MasterClass will allow him to learn cooking techniques from some of the absolute best chefs in the entire world.  We’re talking courses taught by the likes of Gordon Ramsey,  Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters (The Art of Home Cooking) and Aaron Franklin (Texas BBQ).  And even Thomas Keller, the only American to have been awarded simultaneous three-star Michelin rates for two different restaurants, teaches a course which includes sous vide cooking.

And as a bonus he’ll also have access to other courses as well.  Including gardening (Ron Finley), tennis (Serena Williams), acting (Natalie Portman and Samuel L. Jackson), guitar (Carlos Santana), jazz (Herbie Hancock), photography (Annie Leibovitz), writing (Malcolm Gladwell, James Patterson and Judy Blume) and many, many more.

And did I mention that it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee!

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