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In the classic 1975 film Jaws, actor Roy Scheider plays the iconic character Martin Brody.  Brody has the misfortune of being the police chief of a small summer resort town when its residents and tourists come under attack by a man-eating, great white shark.

In an attempt to hunt down the killer shark, Chief Brody, along with a marine biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a shark hunter (Robert Shaw) board a boat and head out to sea.  Later, while mindlessly dumping chum into the water, Brody unexpectedly finds himself face-to-face with the man-eater.  Now seeing the shark for the first time and realizing that it is absolutely gigantic, Brody utters one of the most famous lines in movie history.

“We’re going to need a bigger boat.”

That visual image of a massive, great white shark trying to attack and destroy you is a perfect image of the weight loss journey.

The shark is anything preventing you from sticking to your bright lines.  It is your hunger and cravings.  It is the tempting food put out at the office.  It is the stores and restaurants you drive by on your way to work, school or church.  It is the displays and aisles that confront you every time you walk into the grocery store.  And unfortunately, it is often your own brain, the saboteur, working to convince you that there is a perfectly rational reason why it is OK for you to break your bright lines just this one time.

And just like Roy Schneider’s character realizes, the solution to fending off the shark is a bigger boat.

The Importance of Support

Let me encourage you to view your support system as your “boat”  The better your Bright Line Eating® support system, the less likely you are to fall victim to the shark.

Research studies have shown that social support is a key ingredient for success when starting a new weight loss program.  High levels of social support (at least among women) have also been shown to be a major help in maintaining weight loss.

And to further boost your odds of weight loss success, recruit a friend to do Bright Line Eating® with you.  There has been research showing that doing a weight loss program with a friend makes it more likely that you’ll complete the program and that you’ll be more likely to keep the weight off.  You’ll also enjoy celebrating your successes together.

You are also off to a great start if you are blessed to have a spouse or others with whom you live and eat who will support you in your weight loss journey.  They can support you by agreeing to get rid of foods you are committing to avoid and by not bringing any more of them into your home.  Or at the very least, reorganizing your kitchen so that tempting foods are out of sight and not easily accessible.

It is also critical to have Bright Line Eating® support from others who follow the program.  This could be a formal buddy, a mastermind group or a personal coach.  Anyone to whom you can commit your food to on a daily basis and who can answer your questions, relate to your struggles and offer insightful encouragement and support.

For many successful weight losers, the best Bright Line Eating® support has been found among the BLE® online community. There are, of course, free, unofficial Facebook groups and websites where you can ask questions and get support.  And I’ll occasionally use some of these resources and find them helpful.

Bright Line Eating Support

But I have found the best source of information and encouragement for me has been the official Bright Line Eating® support groups that are part of the boot camp or the Bright Lifers program.  In these Facebook groups there are lots of people at the same stage of their weight loss journey as you are and there are also official Bright Line Eating® coaches who can answer your most difficult questions and provide the most informed answers.  I also find that these groups tend to have the members who are most committed to Bright Line Eating® and who have enjoyed the best long-term results.

There is also an official Bright Line Eating® support page where you can find answers to many of your questions.  They have an FAQ section with categories such as Before You Start, Food, Health and Potential Hurdles. This is a huge help when you are new to the program.

However you choose to move forward with Bright Line Eating® be sure to build a big boat of support.  Losing weight and keeping it off is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever face and that shark is always lurking just under the surface waiting to attack.

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