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Check out my personal Bright Line Eating® review and discover how I lost over 100 pounds in just six months

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Dear Friend,

What I’m about to share with you includes some rather personal and embarrassing information about myself.  And although this might be TMI, I’m willing to share it anyway because I believe this could…


Change Your Life Forever!

Let me start by saying, when you lose over 100 lbs., people notice!  And after they tell you how great you look, they all have the same exact question:

How Did You Do It?

So I put together this website to tell you exactly how I did it and HOW YOU CAN TOO. And, be sure to stay with me to the end where I share with you a FREE resource I put together to help you jump start your weight loss journey.

So after failing at so many diets and weight loss programs in the past, what was the breakthrough that finally did the trick and helped me lose 100 lbs in just six months without going to the gym? Well, in my case, the secret to my weight loss success was…

The Bright Line Eating® Boot Camp

This simple step that I took to join this online boot camp changed my life and I believe it can change yours. And because of that, I want to share with you my personal Bright Line Eating® review and Boot Camp testimonial. Now before I joined Boot Camp I was struggling with a lot of the issues that you may be struggling with too. At the age of 44…

I Found Myself Considerably Overweight.

At 5’11” I weighed in at 339 lbs!  That meant that I met the medical definition of morbid obesity. And all of that excess weight wasn’t just making me look bad.  It also meant that…

I Was Suffering From a Number of Weight Related Health Issues.

This included a diagnosis of fatty liver and high blood pressure.  My muscles and joints ached constantly and I frequently threw out my back.  I had developed plantar fasciitis which meant that after sitting for a while my feet would be in pain when I started to walk.  And I had other chronic health conditions that were being made worse from my added weight.

There was also significant emotional price I was paying for my weight. I hated being the heaviest person in the room or the fattest person in the picture.  Whenever there was any focus on my appearance…

I Felt Embarrassed and Ashamed.

And it wasn’t that I was lazy or never tried to do anything about.  I tried fad diets, joined gyms, counted calories, signed up for weight loss programs and even took a shot at going vegan.  But it seemed that no matter what I tried…

My Attempts at Weight Loss Always Failed.

Now to be fair, these attempts did often produce some initial results.  But they would all be short lived and I would end up gaining all the weight back and adding on even more.  So after awhile,..

I Felt Discouraged and Hopeless and I Just Gave Up Trying.

So that is what I did for many years.  I didn’t bother trying to do anything about my weight because I didn’t want to go through all of the effort only to end up adding another weight loss failure to my long list of failures.

But Then Something Changed

In late 2016 our family of five became a family of seven when we unexpectedly adopted two babies who were seventeen months old and eight months old. Although this was such a blessing to our family, it also meant that life suddenly got a lot more stressful.  And for me, more stress meant more weight. As you can image, helping care for and chase around two toddlers is not easy when you’re in peak physical condition.  But when you weigh well over 300 lbs it is downright near impossible. And then one day when I was playing with our youngest and struggling to keep up, a thought crossed my mind…

Will I Even Be Alive to Walk Her Down the Aisle?

I had to admit to myself that the answer was probably “No.”  In fact, given my poor health, I realized that I might not be alive to walk my then 17 year old daughter down the aisle.  Then I starting thinking of all of my kid’s major life events and I had this image of my wife at each one, sitting by herself. And at that moment…

I Knew I Had to Make a Change.

No more excuses.  No more blaming my fat body on my life circumstances or my genetics.  And no more feeling sorry for myself.  Regardless of how I became so heavy, it was my responsibility and mine alone to finally lose the weight and keep it off. But with so many weight loss failures in the past, I knew I needed a different approach.  So I vowed to myself that I would do the research and that…

I Would Finally Find the Answer to Long-Term Weight Loss Success.

So with an open mind, I started exploring my options.

Now in order to find a program that would actually work long-term, I set out to find a program that met…

My Three Requirements

1. A Great Long-Term Success Rate

Most weight loss programs fail miserably in the long run.  So I wanted a program with the best long-term success rate I could find and the research to back it up.

2. No Expensive Supplements, Shakes, or Prepacked Foods

If I was to lose weight and keep it off, I did not want to be stuck buying expensive company products the rest of my life.  I wanted to eat real food so I could eat the foods I liked and buy the foods that fit my budget.

3. A Program Rooted in the Psychology of Weight Loss

Every approach to weight loss I have ever tried was based on the assumption that I just needed more diet and exercise information.  But in my experience, overweight people know a lot more than skinny people about exercise and nutrition.  After all, we’re the ones that have spent much of our lives doing weight loss programs, counting calories and reading diet books. But if all it took to lose weight was more nutritional knowledge, we’d all be skinny by now.

So I knew that if I had any hope of long-term weight loss success, I needed a program based on the latest research in cognitive psychology and decision making. (I should mention that I have a master’s degree in psychology so I was generally aware of some of the recent breakthroughs in the area of cognitive decision making and how our brains can sometimes lead us to make the wrong decisions.) And so using my three requirements as a guide, and with lots of prayer,…

I Finally Found It!

I came across Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson’s book, Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin & Free. As I read this book I couldn’t believe how perfectly Dr. Thompson was describing my relationship with food.  In fact, she could describe such intimate details about my thoughts and behavior around food that I thought I might have to file a restraining order! So after reading the book, I knew I had to give Bright Line Eating® a try so I signed right up for the online Boot Camp.

And These Were My Results…

Before Boot Camp

Before Boot Camp

Ten days before starting day one of Boot Camp.  I weighed 339 pounds (154 kg).

After Boot Camp

After Boot Camp

This is me after just eight weeks of Boot Camp.  I weighed 292 pounds (132 kg).

After Just 6 Months

After Just 6 Months

And just six months after the first picture. I was down to 234 pounds (106 kg).

That means that in just six months…

I Lost Over 100 Pounds without Exercise!

So simply put, the things I learned and experienced in the eight week Boot Camp changed my life. I discovered how my brain often works against me when it comes to losing weight and the exact steps I can take so that, as Susan Peirce Thompson says, I can…

Live “Happy, Thin and Free”

And I am not alone.  Although Bright Line Eating® and the science behind it are relatively new…

The Boot Camp Has Already Shown Thousands of People Around the World How To Lose All of Their Extra Weight – And Keep It Off!

So How About You? Are You Ready To Be the Next Success Story?

If you have a lot of extra weight to lose and think that Bright Line Eating® may be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for, here’s what I suggest you do:


Step 1: Discover If You May Struggle with Food Addiction

One of the first things I did on my weight loss journey was to take the FREE Susceptibility Quiz.  This quick and easy quiz will tell you where you are on The Susceptibility Scale™ on a score from one to ten.  This is the first step in discovering if Bright Line Eating® may be right for you.


Step 2: Check Out My Epic Blog Post…

Bright Line Eating: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide


Step 3: Grab the Necessary Equipment


Then Check Out My Other Blog Posts…

And for additional advice, encouragment and support on your Bright Line Eating® journey be sure to visit my blog.  Here you’ll find a lot of the tips, tricks and strategies that have worked for me.

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